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Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer | 3Ding | 3D Printers & 3D Printing Services in India
Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer

Large Format Klipper 3D Printer

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Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer short details

Introducing the Sovol SV07 PLUS, a state-of-the-art large-format Klipper 3D Printer boasting a blazing print speed of 500mm/s and a generous print size of 300*300*350mm. With advanced features including a 5-inch Klipper screen and seamless WiFi connectivity, it delivers unparalleled performance and convenience. Discover the ultimate combination of speed, size, and innovation at a competitive price point.

Features Of Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer

Huge Build Volume

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer comes with Huge Build Volume

With a build volume of 300*300*350 mm, the Sovol SV07 Plus offers plenty of room for printing larger models or batches of parts quickly and effectively.

Complete Klipper Software

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer features Complete Klipper Software

With its ARM A53 64-bit main frequency quad-core processor, the SV07 Plus allows you to print at up to 500 mm/s (though 250 mm/s is recommended).

5" Clipper Screen

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer Offers 5inch Clipper Screen

With its 5-inch, 480x800 high-resolution touch screen, the SV07 Plus offers a completely different experience than other smartphones that have knob screens or standard 4.3-inch touch screens. The height map and input shaper are just two of the function options available on the detachable Klipper touchscreen; alternatively, you could DIY it to suit your own needs.

Direct-drive Extruder With Planetary Dual Gears

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer Offers Direct-drive extruder with planetary dual gears

For precise extrusion, Sovol's SV07 Plus Direct Drive Extruder, equipped with a planetary dual gear set, provides a lighter motor and a higher drive ratio. To make feeding simpler, we have also included a sizable external knob, allowing you to concentrate on your printing task with the least amount of disruptions.

All Metal High-flow Hotend With a Temperature Of 300°C.

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer comes with All metal high-flow hotend with a temperature of 300°C.

The extended melt zone of an all-metal hotend ensures a rapid flow rate of 20–30 mm³/s, minimizing clogging risks. Enhanced by triple airflow from a large rear fan, prints cool swiftly, ensuring precise layering for superior results. This enables high-speed and high-temperature printing simultaneously, accommodating diverse materials like ABS and nylon without firmware changes or PTFE swaps.

New Design For Tripple Cooling Fan

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer features New Design For Tripple Cooling Fan

The SV07 Plus's triple cooling fans will rapidly and efficiently cool prints, enabling you to achieve stunning layering.

Backlash-Avoiding Nut

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer comes with Backlash-Avoiding Nut

The utilization of an anti-backlash nut serves to mitigate any potential shaking during the printing process, thus enhancing overall stability. This results in smoother and more consistent printing, ensuring that each layer is accurately deposited without the risk of distortion or imperfections.

Tool Drawer

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer features Tool Drawer

The tool drawer can be quickly and easily pulled out for storage and organisation. With this little upgrade, you can keep your workspace organised and productive.

G34 Auto Z Align

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer comes with G34 Auto Z Align

The SV07 Plus mainboard has the ability to enter UART mode, which updates G34 and enables the G34 Auto Z Align function. To achieve X-axis levelling, simply select Auto Z-align, and the printer will take care of the levelling on its own. conserves time and energy.

25-point Automatic Levelling

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer comes with 25-point Automatic Levelling

The SV07 Plus has a 25-point auto levelling system that uses an inductive sensor to identify and adjust for temperature variations in the heated bed. Getting an excellent first layer is made possible by this accurate and clever technology. Note: For best results, slice with the initial layer height set to 0.3mm. Before printing again, we advise you to use alcohol to clean the PEI surface if there are any adhesion problems.

PEI Build Plate

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer comes with PEI Build Plate

Better adhesion, a stronger magnet, and ease of hand print removal make it possible for you to fully enjoy the printing process.

Filament Sensor

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer comes with Filament Sensor

In addition, this feature ensures automatic pausing of the printing process in the event of filament depletion or breakage, preventing wasted prints and facilitating seamless filament replacement.

Brand Power Supply 600W

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer comes with Brand Power Supply 600W

When compared to other printers, the SV07 Plus's potent 420W hotbed saves approximately 30 seconds during the heating process. Its 600W Brand power supply offers reliable and ample power for extended printing sessions.

Technical Specifications

Sovol SV07 Plus 3D Printer technical specifications

Print Size


Print Mode

U disk, Type C Connection, Wifi Connection

Max Printing Speed


Recommend Printing Speed


Printing Accuracy


Nozzle Diameter

0.4mm (Replaceable)

Nozzle Temp


Hotbed Temp


Diameter of Filament


File Format Support


Operating System

Windows, Linux, Mac

Power Supply

Brand Power Supply 600W/24V

Package Size


Package Weight


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