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Sovol SV07 3D Printer | 3Ding | 3D Printers & 3D Printing Services in India
Sovol SV07 3D Printer

Sovol SV07 3D Printer

High-Quality Entry-Level 3D Printer

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Sovol SV07 3D Printer short details

The SV07 stands out as a top-tier entry-level Klipper 3D Printer, featuring a maximum print speed of 500mm/s and a 5-inch Klipper screen with preinstalled firmware. It boasts an STM32 silent board with 5 TMC2209 drivers, a 350W Meanwell power supply, planetary direct drive extruder, and an all-metal high-flow hotend reaching temperatures up to 300°C. Other highlights include a two-sided PEI plate, auto-leveling sensor, triple fan system, filament sensor, Gates belt, dual Z-axis, LED light, tool drawer, and an appealing design. This comprehensive feature set ensures exceptional value for users seeking quality and performance.

Features Of Sovol SV07 3D Printer

Build Volume

Sovol SV07 3D Printer Build Volume

The Sovol SV07 boasts a generous build volume measuring 220x220x250mm, providing ample space for various printing projects. Whether for daily printing needs or household tasks, this size ensures versatility and practicality in bringing your creations to life.

Complete Klipper Software

Sovol SV07 3D Printer features Complete Klipper Software

Klipper firmware enables high-speed SV07 printing at up to 500mm/s. We recommend that you select 250mm/s for optimal results. Klipper also provides a variety of function options, such as the height map and input shaper, and you can customise it to meet your specific needs.

5" Clipper Screen

Sovol SV07 3D Printer Offers 5inch Clipper Screen

SV07 is equipped with a 480x800 high-resolution 5-inch touch screen which brings you totally different experience from the knob screen and normal 4.3-inch touch screen in the market. Multiple languages are also supported on the operating screen.

Direct-drive Extruder With Planetary Dual Gears

Sovol SV07 3D Printer Offers Direct-drive extruder with planetary dual gears

SV07 Plus features Sovol's self-developed Direct Drive Extruder with a planetary dual gear set, which provides a higher drive ratio and a lighter motor for precise extrusion. We've also added a large external knob to make feeding easier, allowing you to focus on your printing project with fewer interruptions.

All Metal High-flow Hotend With a Temperature Of 300°C.

Sovol SV07 3D Printer comes with All metal high-flow hotend with a temperature of 300°C.

The all-metal hotend is designed with an extended melt zone, enabling a robust flow rate of 20-30mm³/s to minimize the risk of clogging. Additionally, a large fan positioned at the extruder's rear ensures triple airflow, facilitating rapid cooling of prints and promoting optimal layering for superior outcomes. This setup accommodates simultaneous high-speed and high-temperature printing, eliminating the need for PTFE replacements or firmware updates when switching between materials like ABS and Nylon.

New Design For Tripple Cooling Fan

Sovol SV07 3D Printer features New Design For Tripple Cooling Fan

With triple cooling fans, the SV07 Plus cools prints quickly and efficiently, allowing for beautiful layering results.

Backlash-Avoiding Nut

Sovol SV07 3D Printer comes with Backlash-Avoiding Nut

The integration of an anti-backlash nut serves to mitigate any potential shaking during the printing process, thereby enhancing overall stability. This results in smoother and more consistent printing, ensuring that each layer is accurately deposited without the risk of distortion or imperfections.

Tool Drawer

Sovol SV07 3D Printer features Tool Drawer

The tool drawer can be easily pulled out for quick storage and organisation. With this small upgrade, you can keep your workspace clean and efficient.

G34 Auto Z Align

Sovol SV07 3D Printer comes with G34 Auto Z Align

The SV07 Plus mainboard has the G34 Auto Z Align function because UART mode is enabled and G34 has been updated. To level the X-axis, simply select Auto Z-align and the printer will level the X-axis automatically. This saves time and effort.

25-point Automatic Levelling

Sovol SV07 3D Printer comes with 25-point Automatic Levelling

The SV07 Plus is equipped with a sophisticated 25-point auto leveling system, utilizing an inductive sensor to detect and adjust for any unevenness in the heated bed. This advanced technology ensures precise leveling, resulting in flawless initial layers. For optimal results, it's recommended to set the initial layer height to 0.3mm during slicing. In case of any adhesion issues, wiping the PEI surface with alcohol before the next print is advised.

PEI Build Plate

Sovol SV07 3D Printer comes with PEI Build Plate

The SV07's flexible plate functions as a magnetic print bed, providing excellent adhesion and durability. Prints can be easily removed without the need for tools. In the event of adhesion issues, wipe the PEI surface with alcohol before beginning the next print.

Filament Sensor

Sovol SV07 3D Printer comes with Filament Sensor

The printer is designed to automatically pause printing operations in the event of filament depletion or breakage, ensuring seamless workflow and preventing any potential issues or errors that may arise from insufficient filament supply or filament breakage during the printing process.

Brand Power Supply 350W

Sovol SV07 3D Printer comes with Brand Power Supply 350W

With enhanced reliability and stability, the SV07 ensures consistently high-quality results. Its robust construction and precise engineering guarantee dependable performance, while its focus on quality ensures that every print meets the highest standards of excellence.

Technical Specifications

Sovol SV07 3D Printer technical specifications

Print Size


Build Plate Size


Print Method

TF card, USB connection

Layer Thickness

0.1-0.4mm (Adjustable)

Nozzle Diameter

Standard 0.4mm (Adjustable)

Nozzle Diameter

0.4mm (Replaceable)

Recommend Print Speed


Recommend Nozzle Temperature

≤260℃ (for beginners) ≤300℃ (for experienced people who wanna trying high-temperature materials)

Bed Temperature


Material Diameter


Support File Format


Machine Weight


Machine Size


Package Size


Package Weight



Input 115v/230v, 50/60Hz, Output 24v

Operation System

Windows, Mac, Linux

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