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Hydra 3D Printer| 3Ding India | 3D Printers & 3D Printing Services in India
Hydra 3d printer

Meet The

hydra logo

An Industrial 3D Printer for
Rapid Prototyping.

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Available in 3 Sizes

Hydra new 200

Hydra new 200

Hydra 250

Hydra 250


Hydra 300

What's in the box?

  1. Hydra 3D Printer
  2. PLA Filament Spool - 250g
  3. Documents
    - User Manual, Checklist, Warranty & Support Document
  4. Toolkit
    - Nipper, Tweezers, Allen Keys, SD Card & Card Reader, Bowden Tube, Power Cable, USB Cable, REDD MagFleX Build Sheet
  5. Software
    - Cura, Optimized FabX Cura Profiles, Sample Print GCodes
hydra box contain

Features of Hydra

Unparalleled Print Quality

With Linear Guideways powering the gantry,the Hydra is up to 2x precise compared to any other 3D Printer using linear rods.

Hydra300 Unparalleled Print Quality
hydra has direct drive

Direct Drive Mechanism

Enables high precision 3D Printing with minimal to no vibrations at incredible accuracies.

E3D v6 Hotend

Upgraded Nozzle with high temperature capabilities opening up possibilities for advanced Materials, including ABS, Nylon, Carbon Fiber etc.

Hydra E3D v6 Hotend
hydra has heated bed

Heated Bed

Enables high precision 3D Printing with minimal to no vibrations at incredible accuracies.

Upto 120° C

Active triple cooling system

State of the Art & Proprietary, The Hydra's extruder system sports 3 cooling fans. The hotend fan prevents heat from swapping up & preventing clogs. The two ducted fans provide rapid cooling to the part, thus enabling the Hydra to handle extreme bridging with minimal to no supports. This also enables the Hydra to 3D Print at high speeds with ease.

Hydra has Active triple cooling system
Hydra build volume

Build Volume

The Choice over build volume opens up the possibility to realize Prints of all shapes and sizes with an ease.

200 × 200 × 200 mm3

250 × 250 × 250 mm3

300 × 300 × 300 mm3

User Friendly Interface

The Hydra has a sleek LCD panel with easy access to Print files, setup & basic maintainence. Print, Pause, Resume, Change Filament, Tune Temperature & Adjust Print speed on the fly.

hydra has user friendly interface

Don’t Fight it - Just Flex it!

hydra magflex

It's Magnetic and more flexible

The Hydra features MagFlex v2.0
The all New Build Surface adheres better & prevents warping.
The Flexible system helps remove parts fast & easy.

Tech Specs of Hydra


Printing Technology

FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Heated Bed

Yes (Upto 120° C)

Build Volume

200 L X 200 W X 200 H mm

250 L X 250 W X 250 H mm

300 L X 300 W X 300 H mm

Software & Electrical


Cura, Simplify 3D

File Type


Operating Systems

Windows 7/8/10

Mac OS X


Frame & Body

Hard Reinforced Fiber

Extruder Quantity


Product Dimension

448 X 447 X 580 mm (Hydra 200)

498 X 497 X 630 mm (Hydra 250)

550 X 550 X 680 mm (Hydra 300)

Material Compatibility

Metal Composites : Aluminium - Gold - Brass - Bronze - Copper

* Future Proofed to handle any other Filament that melts under 300° C.

PLA - ABS - (PET-G) - HIPS - Flexible - Nylon - Carbon Fiber

Composites : Silk - Wood

Software Compatibility

Hydra supports cura software

Import from your favorite Design Platform

Tinkercad, Sketchup, Solidworks, Fusion360, Maya, Zbrush, Openscad or any of the various CAD software, Export in one of the compatible formats like stl, obj, amf, etc & you’re ready to 3D Print.

Slicing Software

The Hydra runs Marlin, meaning which it’s compatible with a variety of Slicing Software. Cura, Simplify3D, Mattercontrol, Slic3r, the list goes on..

Recommended :

Beginners : Cura (Free)

Advanced : Simplify3D


Shipping out over thousands of 3D Printers, we’ve noticed that Hydra is best suited for 3D Printing businesses, Factories, Heavy Manufacturers, Model Making Service Providers, Product Designers. Especially with the spec and the price tag, the Hydra packs a range of advanced features like A3CT, Magflex, E3D V6 Hotend making it the most ideal 3D Printer for rapid prototyping and low batch production.

Hydra Printer is probably the only 3D Printer with it’s spec in it’s price category. For e.g. direct drive mechanism, Active Triple Cooling, all enclosed design helps 3D Printing with industrial materials like HIPS, ABS, Carbon Fiber with high reliability.

If you can operate a computer, you can operate a Hydra, however, understanding the concepts in-depth helps better. You might want to attend one of our 3D Printing Workshops.
A complimentary pass could be given on the purchase of a Hydra 3D Printer. Alternatively, we have a quick start video.

To get your first Prints, it shouldn’t take you more than a 10-15 min learning. For an advanced level, it’ll take some experience with the 3D Printer and probably a few weeks learning.

Absolutely. A good amount of our customers who run successful businesses with Hydra. The ability of Hydra to Print in large sizes and industrial Materials has certainly attracted commercial buyers for the product.

Yes. You'll be provided with slicing software, sample files and a 250g filament spool to get started.

Yes, the Hydra has a direct drive mechanism for feeding the filament. This allows soft and flexible materials like TPE, TPU to Print well. However, we would highly recommend only experts to use flexible materials as the material can easily damage your hotend and nozzle if not used correctly.

The Hydra comes with a 1 Year warranty - covers functionality aspects of the machine & not wear n tear, physical damage etc. Most of the machine design is modular. If there’s a minor part failure, a replacement would be shipped and instructions would be provided to fix. In case of major issues, depending on your location, an engineer could be sent or the product would be picked up by us remotely, for servicing.

We expect you to keep the machine clean and dust free. Cover it up when not using for longer periods. Do not try to load or unload filaments when the extruder is cold.

The Hydra is capable of running 24*7. In our offices, the 3D Printers deployed for services, keep running back to back, sometimes for weeks together.

Yes. It’s compatible with cloud platforms like Octoprint, Astroprint etc. However you’ll have to procure a raspberry pi separately & install the OS yourself. This is not part of the package & such a service is not currently provided by us.

By default, Prints can be initiated on the Hydra via USB or an SD Card. (Supplied with the machine).

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