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Fabx lite 3D Printer
FabX Lite Logo

Not. So. Light.

Starting at ₹ 69,999/-

Comes in 3 Sizes

Fabx lite 3D Printer available size one
200*200*200 mm3
₹ 69,999/-
₹ 59,999/-
Fabx lite 3D Printer available size two
250*250*250 mm3
₹ 86,999/-
₹ 76,999/-
Fabx lite 3D Printer available size three
300*300*300 mm3
₹ 89,999/-
₹ 79,999/-
fabx logo


Not Just Designed

A “Lite” individually driven Cartesian Gantry that’s proven to deliver consistent quality in 3D Printers for over a decade.

fabx lite gantry used to deliver consistent quality in 3D Printers

Direct Driven,
into the Best Hotend
& Actively Cooled...

A Direct Drive Extruder System with the least travel path after the drive gear, which translates to a precise control over filament flow, eliminating stringing or oozing during travel moves.

A World-Class E3D Hotend with internal Surface Roughness engineered for the smoothest filament flow.

3D Printing is not just about heating & pushing out filament, but also cooling the thermoplastic at the right moment. Sporting 3 Fans (1 to Make sure heat doesn't creep up & 2 to cooldown your Printed part), FabX's Signature Active-Triple-Cooling system gives the perfect cooling.

3D Printed Moai FabX

As Fast as you want...

Defaulting a 0.4 mm nozzle means layer-heights upto less than 0.4 mm (let's say 0.35 mm). Perfect for those super-quick draft-quality Prints during your ideation stages.

...but, for those super slanty slopes or a fine output requirement, push the limits of your FabX & go down to 50 microns(0.05 mm) per layer.

As Thin as it can get...

In the image is an actual 3D Printed moai statue in HIPS with 50 micron layers (Not a render).

[Print Speeds are Capped at a Volumetric Speed of 15 mm3/s of filament flow & Movement speed is capped at 200 mm/s.
i.e. Thinner layers where flow is lesser can be 3D Printed with faster movement speeds than thicker layers.]

It's Magnetic!


MagFlex 2.0

  • A Textured Build Surface for perfect First Layer Adhesion.
  • A Spring Steel plate for easily flexing & removing the part.
  • A Magnetic surface for easily detaching the build plate.
  • A BoroSilicate Glass for a super-flat surface.
  • A Three-Point Levelling System to get the perfect plane.
  • A Silicon Heated Bed for Super Fast Pre-Heating.

Level Once & Forget…

A non-contact optical limit switch homes your Z axis precisely, in the range of 5 microns. 3 Points are all you need to level a plane & the FabX Lite has them - Level it once with an assisted system when you unbox your FabX (or transport it physically) & forget about levelling.

Get Perfect first layers every single Print!


That Matte-Black


Lite Engineered Chassis

Laser Cut Chassis out of Reinforced Lite Fiber, assembled by quick snapping; No bends, No welds, Precision Engineered, making the axes perfectly right angled.


SD Card



Available as an Add-on

Great Hardware meets
Great Software

Marlin 2.0

Global. Precise. Safe.

Runs Marlin 2.0

Think about Marlin like the Android of 3D Printers - The most popular Firmware running on a 3D Printer. With features like Linear Advance, Marlin 2.0 predicts filament pressure build-up in the extruder & offsets it in advance, avoiding blobs.

Thermal Runaway Protection cuts off power supply to the heaters if any anomoly is detected. Run your FabX overnights in peace.

Slice it & Dice it

Works with your Favourite Slicer.

Simplify3D, Cura, PrusaSlicer, SuperSlicer, Slic3r, MatterControl, any slicer that generates Marlin comaptible gcode.

  • Lite User? Get Started with default Profiles on PrusaSlicer (Recommended).
  • Feeling Adventurous? Push your limits with SuperSlicer.
FabX Power Loss Recovery

Power Loss Recovery Pro

Unlike Most 3D Printers which remember the last known layer number, FabX 3D Printers remember & recover from the last known location of the extruder on the last known layer, reducing overlaps & hence a much precise recovery after a power loss.

Soft, Strong, Flexible, Soluble...


The Most Popular Filament, ideal for quickly realizing your concepts

Easy to Use


Rapid Prototype your designs with ABS to check form & functionality.

Post Processing Friendly


A UV Resistant material, commonly used in Health-Care Appliances.

UV Resistant


Making rubbery Tyres for Your robots or cases for your Phones?



For those unique applications where you want a 3D Printed part dissolved.

Dissolves in Water

... & beyond all basic materials, the FabX has all thermoplastics covered upto 250° C, including composites of PLA & PETG like PLA-Wood, PLA-Marble, PLA-CarbonFiber, PETG-CarbonFiber, PLA-Aluminium, PLA Bronze, the list goes on..., future proofing the FabX in terms of material compatibility.

Technical Specifications

FabX Lite Tech Specs
FabX India Warranty

12 Months Warranty

Online Knowledge Base
Learning Modules
Call & Email Support

Extended Warranty @ 22.5% of MRP per Year.
Annual Maintenance Contract @ 12.5% of MRP Year.
Upto 3 Additional Years

You have the

With historical lifespan of the FabX 3D Printers ranging 5+ years & increasing, repairability is an important aspect & has been built into FabX 3D Printers right since the FabX 3 in 2016. If & When you need spares, you don't have to depend just on the OEM. All critical parts on a FabX are generic & easily available from 3rd parties. This makes FabX economically the Cheapest 3D Printer in terms of long-term OpEx.

A Couple of Examples...


The toolhead in the FabX is the E3D Lite6, the most popular hotend, very commonly available with 3rd parties. Just in case, you’re willing to upgrade your hotend to a different make, a drop-in replacement for E3D Lite6 or V6 from another brand would still fit & function.


Another great example is the choice of Motherboard which supports removable stepper drivers. If, in the chance a motor gets too hot & fries up a driver, a replacement would cost ~150 INR (2 USD), compared to replacing the whole motherboard in most other 3D Printers with integrated drivers, costing ~3K INR.

Should Ask Questions

The Gantry! The FabX Pro series uses an expensive H Bot Gantry with Industrial Grade Rails whereas the FabX Lite Series 3D Printers use a simple Cartesian System moving on softrods & bush bearings - This is how most popular 3D Printers are built.  

The Hotend! The FabX Pro series uses an E3D v6 with temperatures reaching uptown 295 °C, whereas the FabX Lite Series 3D Printers use an E3D Lite6 which as a Teflon lining inside making it super smooth for PLA.

Yes, FabX supports all 1.75 mm filaments - a general advisory is to not go for cheap quality filaments.

General rule of the thumb - Manufacturing & Functional defects are covered. Physical damages, Wear & Tear would not be covered. Further improper usage like clogged nozzles due to poor quality filaments or wrong temperature settings will not be covered.

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