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Why prefer 3D printing

Freedom of design

Any design can be physically implemented if it invariably concedes the practical limitations and requirements. The flexibility of choices and the various possibilities of outcomes are the main manifestations rendered by printing services.

Fasten product development

A product can be designed from scratch which can later be printed out as per the customised specifications put forth by the customer/client. As the name suggests, rapid prototyping focuses mainly on swift prototyping which is an essential stage in product development .

Functioning models

Exhibits/models of any genre can be easily constructed. Architects can showboat their design prototypes to prospective clients for better visualisation and engineers can make functional models before mass manufacturing or developing a lasting design.

Technologies we handle

Amongst the mammoth technologies which highlights the progress of rapid prototyping, Fused Deposition modeling, Stereolithography/Selective laser sintering and multi-color printing are the predominantly used technologies adopted by our department of printing services.




3D Printing Materials



Resin, High Detail Resin

Flexible, Nylon

Metal Composite

Aluminium, Bronze, Copper

Brass, Gold

Post processing

Once the print is removed from the heating bed, further processing is done where the print is beautified. Painting, removing of excess filament and support structures are easily done without any hassle.

Other Services

3D Design Services

We transform ideas, concepts and possibilities into surreal physical proofs.

Reverse Engineering

Recreation of new prototypes from existing designs and bettering them with profitable inputs

3D Scanning services

3D selfies (ie) customized miniature statues of people, animals and other objects are made with ease