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Premium Quality Filaments for
Your 3D Printer

"I've tried every other Filament in the Indian market.
FilamentX has given the most consistent results."

Works well with all 1.75mm Filament Compatible 3D Printers

FabX Anet AnyCubic Creality FlSun Flashforge Hydra Prusa Zortrax

3D Prints

that are sure to Impress.

FilamentX is factory degassed, removing all air-bubbles, resulting in smooth consistent filament extrusions, delivering extremely reliable outputs.

1.75 mm +/- 0.02 mm

3D Print in
Vibrant Colors

FilamentX Colors
FilamentX Colors are based on RAL hues for plastics. The display you're watching on is RGB based; Appearances may slightly vary.

25% More Filament

Unlike most other filaments mentioning 1Kg, which are actually 750g of usable material & 250g for the packaging (plastic spool + carton), FilamentX comes in 1Kg of fully usable filament (weighs ~1.25Kg gross), giving you upto 25% more filament per spool.

Get 25 Percent more filament

That’s one less spool discarded for every 5 spools of other filaments, Hence
25% lesser Carbon Footprint.

As Smooth As Butter

Filamentx materials as smooth as butter Filamentx as smooth as butter

FilamentX, during manufacturing, undergoes an intensive degassing process to remove out all the air trapped inside it. When there are no air bubbles that pop, your 3D Printer extrudes out buttery smooth filaments, giving you Great Outputs.

More Filaments, More Discounts

One of the factors affecting the price of FilamentX is the shipping cost (due to its weight), which goes down with quantity, & hence, passing on those savings to you when you pick up more than 1 filament.

2Kg+: Flat 15% off: FX15
4Kg+: Flat 20% off: FX20
12Kg+: Flat 33% off: FX33

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What FilamentX Customers Say...

"Been using FilamentX from 3Ding since many years, have always got the same excellent output with all the polymers. 10/10 would recommend to other 3D Printer users."

Ram Gopal


Switched to 3Ding for my regular filament purchases and stuck with them in a positive way. Never faced clogging issues with FilamentX. Cheers!



"At T Hub, we have a bunch of 3D Printers & our monthly consumption is quite large. FilamentX works beautifully & reliably across all those 3D Printers, irrespective of Teflon lined or all metal hotends, which is pretty great.."

Victor Monterio


FilamentX Variants

FilamentX PLA

PLA is the most popular 3D Printing material because it is the most familiar and easy to Print. It also adheres well and is compatible with almost all 3D Printers, so it does not require a heated bed for Printing. It is used to create and test initial models and can also be used as final products based on requirements. It is also a food grade and biodegradable material.

Pro: Easy to Print, Environmentally friendly.

FilamentX PLA
FilamentX ABS

FilamentX ABS

In comparison to PLA and PETG, ABS is significantly stronger and has a higher melting point. The product may endure longer than the others because it is a more durable one. It can also be applied in the actual world.

Pro: Strong against impacts and capable of being in high-temperature environments.

FilamentX PETG

FilamentX PETG is a popular 3D material.

Pro: Strong and Flexible.

FilamentX PETG
FilamentX Wood

FilamentX Wood

Wood PLA has a gorgeous output with a wooden texture and finish because it is made up of 80% PLA and 20% wood granule. It is frequently used to make wooden models and gifts.

Pro: Will feel similar to a piece of actual wood.

FilamentX Marble

Because it is made up of 80% PLA and 20% Marble granules, Marble PLA offers a beautiful output with a marble texture and polish. It is commonly utilised in the creation of architectural models and statues.

Benefits: Will have a marble-like texture.

FilamentX Marble

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