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FreeScan UE 3D Scanner | 3Ding | 3D Scanners & 3D Scanning Services in India
FreeScan UE 3D Scanner
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FreeScan UE

Blue Laser Handheld 3D Scanner

FreeScan UE 3D Scanner details

The FreeScan UE retains the recognized qualities of high accuracy and high precision as the blue laser portable 3D Scanner of the FreeScan series. Providing metrology-grade, high-accuracy inspection solutions for the automotive, transportation, aerospace sector, moulding inspection, energy generation, machinery manufacture, etc., ergonomic and lightweight equipment design also makes it easy to grasp and operate.

Features Of FreeScan UE

Metrology-class high accuracy

Precision of 0.02mm, volumetric precision of 0.02mm + 0.04mm/m.

FreeScan UE 3D Scanner comes with Metrology-class high accuracy
FreeScan UE 3D Scanner  comes with Stability of repetitive measurement feature

Stability of repetitive measurement

FreeScan UE consistently produces consistent results while measuring the same workpiece, demonstrating stability and dependability.

Portable and light weighted

The device's light weight (750g) makes handheld Scanning easier and prevents fatigue from prolonged use.

FreeScan UE 3D Scanner coomes with Portable and light weighted feature

Wide range of material adaptations

Allowing for the Scanning of reflecting and dark surfaces to support a larger range of Scanning applications.

FreeScan UE 3D Scanner comes with Wide range of material adaptations

High efficiency

The scan area can be as large as 510*520mm, offering a wider field of view for a more comfortable and productive Scanning experience.

FreeScan UE 3D Scanner comes with High efficiency
FreeScan UE 3D Printer comes with Easy operation

Easy operation

An easy-to-use operating system with straightforward programme installation and workflow coaching enables users to learn the operation with ease.

Seamless docking to inspection software

The inspection efficiency can be increased by quickly importing the scan data into inspection software like Geomatic Control X or Versify Inspect.

FreeScan UE 3D Scanner has Seamless docking to inspection software

Technical Specifications

FreeScan UE 3D Scanner technical specifications

Scan Mode

Multiple Lines Scan, Single Line Scan

Scan Accuracy

Maximun 0.02mm

Volumetric Accuracy


Scan Speed

650,000 points/s (UE7); 1,020,000 points/s (UE11)

Working Distance


Max. Scan Depth


Max. Scan Range


Spacial Distance between Points


Light Category

Class Ⅱ (eye safe)

Transmission Mode

USB 3.0







Working Temperature


Light Source

14 lines+1 line blue laser ray (UE7); 22 lines +1 line blue laser ray (UE11)

Working Moisture




Recommended Computer Configuration

System :Win10,
Grafic Card:NVIDIA Series,
GTX1080 and higher
GPU Memory:≥4G

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