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Creality K1 3D Printer | 3Ding | 3D Printers & 3D Printing Services in India
Creality K1 3D Printer
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Creality K1 3D Printer

Produce High-quality Prints With Ease

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Creality K1 3D Printer short details

The Creality K1 is a high-quality 3D Printer designed for both novice and expert users. With its large print volume of up to 220 x 220 x 250mm and printing accuracy of up to 0.05mm, it's capable of producing highly detailed and intricate prints with ease. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to use, even for those new to 3D Printing. The Creality K1 also comes equipped with a range of safety features, such as automatic bed leveling and thermal runaway protection, to ensure a smooth and safe printing experience. With its affordable price and impressive capabilities, the Creality K1 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to bring their 3D Printing projects to life.

Features Of Creality K1 3D Printer

12X Faster

Amazing 600mm/s*. The K1 is 12 times faster than a standard FDM 3D Printer. Now brace yourself for the thrill of astounding speed. K1's incredible speed will pique people's interest in 3D Printing. A quick print speed reduces printing time and increases efficiency. It requires less energy for the same output, making it more environmentally friendly. Most significantly, it emphasises the pure joy of creation.

Creality K1 3D Printer comes with 12X Faster, No Limits

12X Faster

Creality K1 3D Printer comes with 12X Faster, No Limits

K1: 600mm/s

Creality K1 3D Printer comes with 12X Faster, No Limits

Regular 3D Printer: 50mm/s

Always Print at Maximum Speed

Creality K1 3D Printer Always Print at Maximum Speed

K1 accelerates to 600mm/s in approximately 0.03s, delivering full speed in 90% of the printing time.

Nimble Setup for Speed

For less motion inertia, K1 combines the agile Core XY with a 190g light printhead. Quick and flexible.

Creality K1 3D Printer comes with Nimble Setup for Speed

Flow Rate Maximum: 32mm3/s

Creality K1 3D Printer Maximum Flow Rate

A brand-new ceramic heater completely encircles the hotend. In 40 seconds, it reaches 200°C and quickly melts the filament. 50N strong extrusion force is delivered by a dual-gear direct extruder. A hotend with a copper alloy nozzle and a heatbreak made of titanium alloy performs admirably at temperatures of up to 300°C.

Get Cool Models on the Fly

Creality K1 3D Printer comes with Get Cool Models on the Fly
Creality K1 3D Printer comes with Get Cool Models on the Fly

The model is directly cooled by a big fan on the printhead with air ducts. An 18W auxiliary fan in the construction chamber also helps with cooling.

Creality K1 3D Printer comes with Get Cool Models on the Fly

The model hardens before any stringing or warping can occur. It enables for no-support bridges and overhangs.

Speed Genes combined with Creality Print 4.3

The most recent version of Creality Print, version 4.3, compresses the slicing procedure into 3 easy steps and comes with rich defaults. With changeable line width, arc path, and other features, it supports high-speed printing even better.

Creality K1 3D Printer has Speed Genes combined with Creality Print 4.3

Rapid Creality hardware and operating systems

K1 switches to the clever Creality OS. It has an easy-to-use user interface and syncs data and commands with add-on modules, PCs, phones, and the cloud. The nimble dual-core 1.2GHz CPU easily handles high-speed printing. Up to 400 model files can be kept in the 8G ROM, which also allows for rapid writing and reading.

Creality K1 3D Printer comes with Rapid Creality hardware and operating systems


Before shipping, K1 is constructed, calibrated, and includes a boot-up quick guide. Simply start printing as soon as your K1 is delivered.

Creality K1 3D Printer comes with free assembled

If Any Operations are Performed, They are Kept to a Minimum

Creality K1 Max 3D Printer - Hands-free Auto Leveling

Hands-free Auto Leveling

To develop an accurate levelling mesh, an array of strain sensors is implanted in the heatbed. After the printing begins, the entire process occurs on its own. You don't have to do anything or pay any attention.

Creality K1 Max 3D Printer - Self-test with One Tap

Self-test with One Tap

With a tap, the K1 Max will self-test the extruder, heatbed, camera, fan, levelling, G-sensor, and other components. Any anomaly will be indicated on the display. As a result, users can proceed with confidence and without incident.

Creality K1 Max 3D Printer - Quick-heating Heatbed

Quick-heating Heatbed

The aluminium alloy heatbed distributes heat evenly and quickly. It reaches 60º in 90 seconds and maintains the same heating pace under 220V and 110V.

Creality K1 Max 3D Printer - Flexible Build Plate

Flexible Build Plate

It's sticky and heat-resistant, and it works well with a variety of filaments. The model's bottom is beautiful and smooth due to the delicately frosted surface. Flexible for easy print removal.

A Perfect Fit Everywhere

The K1 is the most compact of the FDM 3D Printers with a comparable build volume. It easily fits on your desk or workstation.

Creality K1 3D Printer comes with A Perfect Fit Everywhere

Connected and Worry-free Control

K1 can print from a USB device or over WiFi. K1 can be managed or monitored remotely via Creality Print or Creality Cloud APP/WEB via a network connection. When a large number of K1 printers are online, cluster control is also possible. A notification will be delivered to your phone or PC once the printing is complete or irregular.

Creality K1 3D Printer Connected and Worry-free Control

Firmly accept the speed challenge

The K1's unibody die-cast aluminium alloy frame is robust and precisely CNC machined. It makes it possible to print quickly and steadily. Additionally, the print quality is consistently outstanding.

Creality K1 3D Printer Firmly accept the speed challenge

Not a Ring at High Speed

A G-sensor in the printhead measures the high-speed printing resonance frequencies and auto-tunes the printer to reduce them. There will be no more ghosting or ringing in the print.

Creality K1 3D Printer G-sensor ON

G-sensor ON

Creality K1 3D Printer G-sensor OFF

G-sensor OFF


Texture without Z-banding

The improved Z-axis with more accurate placement substantially eliminates Z-banding. Texture has never been so delicate..

Creality K1 3D Printer comes with Texture without Z-banding
Creality K1 3D Printer comes with Texture without Z-banding


Creality K1 3d printer review1
Creality K1 3d printer review2
Creality K1 3d printer review3

Technical Specifications

Creality K1 technical specifications

Printing Technology


Build Volume

200 x 200 x 250 mm

Product Dimensions

355 x 355 x 480 mm

Package Dimensions

415 x 415 x 550 mm

Net Weight

12.5 kg

Gross Weight

16 kg

Printing Speed




Printing Accuracy


Layer Height



Dual-gear direct drive extruder

Filament Diameter

1.75 mm

Nozzle Diameter

0.4mm(Compatible with 0.6/0.8mm)

Nozzle Temperature


Heatbed Temperature


Build Surface

Flexible Build Plate

Leveling Mode

Dual hands free auto leveling

File transfer

USB drive, WiFi

Display Screen

4.3" color touch screen

Rated Voltage

100-120V, 200-240V, 50/60Hz

Supported Filaments


Rated Power


AI Camera


AI Lidar


Power Loss Recovery


Filament Runout Sensor


Input Shaping


Lighting Kit


Sleep Mode


Printable File Format


Slicing Software

Creality Print, Compatible with Cura, Simplify3D, PrusaSlicer

File Formats for Slicing


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