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Halot Ray 3D Printer | 3Ding | 3D Printers & 3D Printing Services in India
Creality Hatlot ray 3d printer
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Creality Halot Ray

Advanced 3D Printer

Creality Halot Ray 3D Printer short details

The Creality Halot Ray is a high-quality 3D Printer that offers advanced features and impressive performance. With its cutting-edge resin printing technology, the Halot Ray can produce stunningly detailed prints with exceptional accuracy and precision. Plus, its automatic bed leveling system ensures that your prints are always level and stable, even on uneven surfaces. One of the standout features of the Halot Ray 3D Printer is its large build volume. This spacious printer bed allows you to create larger prints than ever before, giving you the freedom to explore new design possibilities and push your creativity to new heights. And thanks to its user-friendly interface, the Halot Ray 3D Printers are easy to use, even for beginners.

Features Of Halot Ray 3D Printer

Halot ray 3d printer features

Stunning Details and High Precision

The 9.25-inch screen allows for a build volume of 198123210mm, an 11% increase in volume over an 8.9-inch screen.

6K Resolution

The screen also has a 6K resolution and a high contrast ratio of 350:1, delivering what you want with exquisite model details.

Halot ray 3d printer features

Integral Light Source Has a Significant Impact

With a light intensity of 5500 W/cm2, our own integral light source ensures print success across the whole build plate. It can accelerate printing in conjunction with the LCD screen's 7% high light transmittance and print 0.1mm micro-holders for intricate creations.

*Integral Light Source: 12 LED modules, with a light evenness of 93% and higher obtained through reflection and refraction engineering.

Halot ray 3d printer features

Experience with Linked and Intelligent Printing

As long as the device is linked to WiFi, you can create fantastic models, then slice and print them. The thrill of creating can be seen through real-time remote monitoring and filming with an HD camera.

Halot ray 3d printer features

Wide software compatibilityUpgraded HALOT OS

The HALOT OS has a cloud-device-software synergy capability. Users can print using the printer's online model library, HALOT BOX, Creality Cloud APP, and USB disc. Online OTA updates are supported. It is simpler to use because to the 5-inch HD multi-touch screen with graphical user interface and 14 pre-set languages.

Halot ray 3d printer features

Powerful Slicer: HALOT BOX

With our brand-new HALOT BOX, defects are automatically found and fixed. Also, it can divide a big model into into manageable portions, fostering user innovation.

Halot ray 3d printer features

Steady and Synchronous Movement

An integrated motor powers the Z-axis with two linear rails, ensuring printing precision and stability. The model has a smoother surface and finer texture with less printed layer variation.

Halot ray 3d printer features

Applications Of Halot Ray 3D Printer

Creality halot ray used in dental field
Halot ray used in jwellery designing
Creality halot ray used in toys and garage parts printing
Toys & Garage Kits
Halot ray used in game animation field
Game Animation
Halot ray used in the field of house decoration
House Decoration
Halot ray used in architectural designing
Architectural Design

Technical Specifications

Halot ray technical specifications

Product Model


Build Volume

198x123x210 mm

Machine Size


Package Size

425x393x685 mm

Net Weight

11.7 kg

Gross Weight

14.3 kg

Light source system

2nd Gen Integral Light Source

Print screen Size

90.25 inches

Print Screen Resolution


Print Screen Contrast Ratio


Print Speed


Resolution accuracy

30 µm

Light Evenness(%)


Light Intensity


Operating System


Supported File Formats


Power Requirement


Data Transmission Method

USB disk, Creality Cloud, HALOT BOX WiFi

Slicing Software


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