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Halot Max CL-133 3D Printer | 3Ding | 3D Printers & 3D Printing Services in India
Creality Hatlot max cl-133 3d Printer
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Creality Halot Max CL-133

A New Generation Of Flagship Resin 3D Printer

Creality Halot max cl-133 3d Printer short details

Looking for a 3D Printer that can handle your biggest and most complex projects? The Creality Halot Max CL-133 3D Printer is the perfect choice! With its massive build volume, advanced resin printing technology, and automatic bed leveling system, this printer is ideal for professionals and serious hobbyists alike. And thanks to its user-friendly interface and impressive speed, the Halot Max CL-133 makes it easy to create stunningly detailed prints with exceptional accuracy and precision. Don't settle for anything less - invest in the future of your 3D Printing projects with the Creality Halot Max CL-133 3D Printers!

Features Of Halot Max CL-133 3D Printer

Halot Max CL-133 integrated light source

Integrated light source

A new generation of light source technology and accurate lighting control are guaranteed by the self-developed integrated light source. The Halot-Max CL-133 operates with a 300W light source, 35000W/m2 light source energy, and 80% or higher homogeneity.

Upgrade Al Brain

The Halot Max has an ARM Cortex A53, a 64-bit quad-core CPU + GPU, a 1G + 8G big memory, and provides great data and picture processing performance.

Halot Max CL-133 has upgraded AI brain

Smart OTA online upgrade

The one-click upgrade provided by the new firmware gives an enhanced experience.

Halot Max CL-133 comes with smart ota online upgrade

Industrial-grade 13.3-inch Resin Printer

A resin printer for business use, the Creality Halot-Max CL-133 offers a print capacity of 293 x 165 x 300 mm. The printer is appropriate for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, cosplay, jewellery, and medicine.

Halot Max CL-133 Resign 3D Printer

High-precision printing details

The issue of inconsistent precision when printing small models with large LCDs is resolved by the improved print size.

Halot Max CL-133 results high precision printing details

13.3-inch 4K monochrome screen for visibly high precision

A 4K monochrome screen with a 2000-hour lifetime guarantees detailed reproduction.

Halot Max CL-133 has 13.3-inch 4K monochrome screen for visibly high precision

Creality Slicing Software

The user-friendly interface of Creality's slicing software allows for simple operation and quick and effective slicing.

Halot Max CL-133 has good slicing software

Creality Cloud APP & Remote Print Management

Real-time print monitoring is made possible by the Creality APP's clever handling of the built-in Wi-Fi module.

Halot Max CL-133 Creality Cloud APP & Remote Print Management

Stable Z-axis for increased precision

Precision printing down to the micrometre is made possible by a highly sturdy drive system made up of the Z-axis guide rails and ball screws.

Halot Max CL-133 Stable Z-axis for increased precision

Technical Specifications

Halot Max CL-133 3d printer technical specifications


480 x 405 x 770 mm


32.5 kg

Printing size

293 x 165 x 300 mm

Print speed

1-4 s / layer

Print thickness

0.03 - 0.05 mm

Light source

Integrated light source

Connection interface

USB 2.0 / type A

Supported operating system

macOS, Win7 and better

Specification of the print screen

13.3-inch 4K monochrome screen (with scratch-resistant hardened film), service life of 2000 h

Accuracy of the XY axis

0.075 mm

Z-axis type

Single Z-axis & double linear slide rail and ball screw

Interactive system

5-inch colour touch screen

Power supply system

100-240 V wide voltage support

Supported Language

Chinese and English, later free upgrades to multiple languages (9 countries)



Supported Formats (Slicer)


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