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Creality Hatlot max cl-133 3d Printer
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Halot Max CL-133

A New Generation Of Flagship Resin 3D Printer

Creality Halot max cl-133 3d Printer short details

Creality HALOT-Max is a resign 3D Printer using mSLA/LCD technology. The printer has a new AI intelligent brain and an integrated light source. Due to the 13.3" 4K Mono LCD panel on the Halot-Max, big models can be created quickly and precisely.

Features Of Halot Max CL-133

Halot Max CL-133 integrated light source

Integrated light source

A new generation of light source technology and accurate lighting control are guaranteed by the self-developed integrated light source. The Halot-Max CL-133 operates with a 300W light source, 35000W/m2 light source energy, and 80% or higher homogeneity.

Upgrade Al Brain

The Halot Max has an ARM Cortex A53, a 64-bit quad-core CPU + GPU, a 1G + 8G big memory, and provides great data and picture processing performance.

Halot Max CL-133 has upgraded AI brain

Smart OTA online upgrade

The one-click upgrade provided by the new firmware gives an enhanced experience.

Halot Max CL-133 comes with smart ota online upgrade

Industrial-grade 13.3-inch Resin Printer

A resin printer for business use, the Creality Halot-Max CL-133 offers a print capacity of 293 x 165 x 300 mm. The printer is appropriate for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, cosplay, jewellery, and medicine.

Halot Max CL-133 Resign 3D Printer

High-precision printing details

The issue of inconsistent precision when printing small models with large LCDs is resolved by the improved print size.

Halot Max CL-133 results high precision printing details

13.3-inch 4K monochrome screen for visibly high precision

A 4K monochrome screen with a 2000-hour lifetime guarantees detailed reproduction.

Halot Max CL-133 has 13.3-inch 4K monochrome screen for visibly high precision

Creality Slicing Software

The user-friendly interface of Creality's slicing software allows for simple operation and quick and effective slicing.

Halot Max CL-133 has good slicing software

Creality Cloud APP & Remote Print Management

Real-time print monitoring is made possible by the Creality APP's clever handling of the built-in Wi-Fi module.

Halot Max CL-133 Creality Cloud APP & Remote Print Management

Stable Z-axis for increased precision

Precision printing down to the micrometre is made possible by a highly sturdy drive system made up of the Z-axis guide rails and ball screws.

Halot Max CL-133 Stable Z-axis for increased precision

Technical Specifications

Halot Max CL-133 3d printer technical specifications


480 x 405 x 770 mm


32.5 kg

Printing size

293 x 165 x 300 mm

Print speed

1-4 s / layer

Print thickness

0.03 - 0.05 mm

Light source

Integrated light source

Connection interface

USB 2.0 / type A

Supported operating system

macOS, Win7 and better

Specification of the print screen

13.3-inch 4K monochrome screen (with scratch-resistant hardened film), service life of 2000 h

Accuracy of the XY axis

0.075 mm

Z-axis type

Single Z-axis & double linear slide rail and ball screw

Interactive system

5-inch colour touch screen

Power supply system

100-240 V wide voltage support

Supported Language

Chinese and English, later free upgrades to multiple languages (9 countries)



Supported Formats (Slicer)


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