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Adventurer 4

All in one EASY step 3D Printer

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Adventurer 4 Lite details

Flashforge Adventurer 4 is a Excellent 3D Printer, it supports high volume Printing, auto leveling, and supports multiple-machines controlled in one computer, highly useful in education and small offices.

Features Of Flashforge Adventurer 4

Adventurer 4 has Large Spool Holder Space

Large Spool Holder Space

Holding 1kg/roll filament

Adventurer 4 has HEPA13 Air Filter

HEPA13 Air Filter

Filter dust and odors

Adventurer 4 has Resume Printing feature

Resume Printing

Resume Printing when electricity is on

Adventurer 4 Built in Camera


3D Printing process remotely monitored on computer

Adventurer 4 265℃ Quick release Nozzle

265℃ Quick-release Nozzle

Only 3S to release and replace the nozzle.

Applications Of Flashforge Adventurer 4

Flashforge Adventurer 4 3d printer used for education

Useful to K-12 3D Printing teaching and Training.

Flashforge Adventurer 4 3d Printer used for home users
Home Users

For designing and Printing parts at home.

Flashforge Adventurer 4 3d printer used for office

Widely Used Designers, engineers for parts testing of the designed Models.

Flashforge Adventurer 4 3d printer used for business
Small Business

Release samples products in small scale production.

Flashforge Adventurer 4 Compatible Materials







What's in the box?

  • FlashForge Adventurer 4 3D Printer
  • One Spool of 1 KG Filament
  • Power Cord
  • Aftersales Card
  • User Manual
  • Nozzles
    - 0.4 mm 265℃ , 0.6 mm 265℃ , 0.3 mm 240℃
  • Screw Driver
  • Hex Wrench Set
  • Unclogging Tool
  • USB Drive
  • Leveling Card
  • Tracheal Joint x2
Flashforge Adventurer 4 box contain

Removable Nozzle

Removable Nozzle Optional:
0.3/0.4/0.6, 240/265oC
(defalut Equipped 240o Nozzle)

Flashforge Adventurer 4 has removable nozzle

Technical Specifications

Flashforge Adventurer 4 3d printer specs

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