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creator 3 3D Printer

Creator 3

Industrial-Grade 3D Printer

creator 3 3D Printer short details

The Flashforge Creator 3 is a potent industrial-grade 3D Printer that uses a dual independent extruder setup. To reduce manufacturing costs and accelerate time to market, Creator3 is the best-in-class option for small production with quality and precision.

Creator 3 Compatible Materials


Features Of Flashforge Creator 3

Creator 3 comes independent dual extruder system

Independent dual extruder system

Creator 3 heating nozzle

300℃ Heating Nozzle

Creator 3 comes with heatable platform for easy object removal

Heatable Flexible Platform to 120℃

Creator 3  is compatible with a wide range of materials

Works with Many Materials

Creator 3 comes with build-in camera feature

Built-in camera

Creator 3 has air filter

Air Filter

Creator 3 build volume

Build Volume: 300*250*200mm

Creator 3 comes with intelligent leveling feature

Intelligent Leveling

creator 3 comes with dual extruder system

Independent Dual Extruder System

With its independent dual extrusion system, the Creator 3 can increase production and simplifies 3D Printing.

Carbon Fiber Parts

Creator 3, a home 3D Printer of industrial quality that produces highly functional items using cutting-edge engineering materials. With exceptional layer adhesion, the carbon fiber reinforcement offers dramatically enhanced stiffness, strength, and heat resistance.

Creator 3 has carbon fiber parts

Massive Build Volume

For complex designs or Printing many parts on one platform, Creator3 offers more flexibility.

Creator 3 contain massive build volume

Flexible Heatable Platform

Any model of any size can be quickly and easily attached to the heatable platform. Object removal has gotten simpler as a result of flexible features.

Creator 3 comes with flexible platform

Intelligent Leveling

By using the touchscreen interface, you may control the Printer while the internal extruder sensor runs automatically and the height information for the left and right extruders is stored in memory for calibration adjustments.

Creator 3 has intelligent leveling feature

Four Built-in Ventilating Fans

Changing the temperature of the chamber to improve the Printing environment by moving the internal and external air.

Creator 3 comes with 4 ventilating fans
Creator 3 comes with 4 ventilating fans

Applications Of Creator 3

Mirror Printing is twice as efficient. With independent dual extrusion and water-soluble filament, Creator 3D makes it possible to Print more intricate designs flawlessly. Make the impossibility achievable while obtaining the desired Printed result.

Creator-3 - Mirror Mode
Mirror Mode

Creator-3 - Duplicate Mode
Duplicate Mode
Creator-3 - Soluble Support Mode
Soluble Support Mode
Creator-3 - Multi material Print Mode
Multi-material Print Mode

What's in the box?

Creator 3 3D Printer box contain
  • FlashForge Creator 3 Independent Dual-Extruder 3D Printer
  • Power Cord
  • Filament
  • Scraper
  • USB Stick
  • Waste Box
  • PTFE Tube
  • Unclogging Pin Tool
  • Stamping Wrench
  • Screw Driver
  • Allen Wrench
  • Grease
  • Glue Stick
  • Limited 16-Month Warranty


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Technical Specifications

flashforge creator 3 3D Printer technical specifications

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