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Sermoon V1 & V1 Pro 3D Printer | 3Ding | 3D Printers & 3D Printing Services in India
Creality Sermoon v1 and v1 pro 3D Printer
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Creality Sermoon V1 & V1 Pro

Realize Your Creative Ideas More Easily

Creality sermoon v1 and v1 pro 3D Printer short details

From the outside, it appears to be a secure Rubik's Cube case, while inside, you have access to a fantastic, magical world of creativity.

The wide-angle camera (720p) integrated into the V1 Pro version allows for constant, remote monitoring of the Printing process, lowering the chance of filament waste brought on by Printing errors.

This feature has been improved in the V1 Pro edition by the addition of a safety sensor, as soon as the door is opened, Printing will stop simultaneously with swiftly cooling down devices. 

Sermoon V1 & V1 Pro

The pro version has a camera and an auto stop sensor.

Creality sermoon v1-v1pro-difference

Features Of Sermoon V1 & V1 Pro

Sermoon v1&v1pro 3D Printer

Print Out Of Box

Leveling Free/Assembled Free.
PLA/ABS Preset Parameter For Easy Printing.

Quick Replacement Nozzle

The Creality Sermoon V1's design makes changing the Print nozzle simple. Even for less experienced users, removing and reinstalling the nozzle is simple and shouldn't be a problem. The quality of the finished 3D Printing is improved by maintaining correct nozzle patency.

Sermoon v1&v1pro comes with quick replace spells

Resume Printing Function

The Creality Sermoon V1 & V1 Pro  3D Printer has the ability to continue Printing. When a power outage occurs, the Printing function will be resumed.

Sermoon v1&v1pro comes with resume printing

Flexible Platform

The magnetic cap on the workbench ensures that the first layers of 3D Prints adhere well. It also allows you to easily tear off finished models without damaging them due to its high flexibility.

Sermoon v1 & v1 Pro has flexible platform

Easy Felt Loading

The manufacturer used an easy-to-use system for loading and retracting the Printing material in the Sermoon V1 3D Printer. It is controlled by a single button, which makes changing the filament and removing any blockages much easier.

Sermoon v1 and v1 pro power comes with easy felt loading

Cloud APP For Remote Control

The Creality Cloud APP allows the user to control the Printing process remotely. Only the pro version has the camera and only it can be previewed on the app.

Sermoon v1 & v1 Pro works with remote control also

Direct-Drive Extruder

The filament feeding system of the Creality Sermoon V1 is based on a direct-drive extruder. It is distinguished by its small size and high power. The Print material is fed uniformly and precisely, thanks to the dual gearing and high torque.

Sermoon v1 and v1 pro direct drive extruder

Applications Of Sermoon V1 & V1 Pro

Creality sermoon d1 used in movies
Children Education
Creality sermoon v1 & v1 pro used art design
Art Design
Creality sermoon v1 & v1 pro used office work
Office Work
Creality sermoon v1 and v1 pro used for house decors
House Decor

Sermoon V1 & V1 Pro Compatible Materials



Creality sermoon v1 and v1 pro review1
Creality sermoon v1 and v1 pro review2
Creality sermoon v1 and v1 pro review3
Creality sermoon v1 and v1 pro review4
Creality sermoon v1 and v1 pro review5
Creality sermoon v1 and v1 pro review6

Technical Specifications

Creality sermoonv1&v1 pro technical specifications

Print Technology


Max. Build Dimensions

175*175*165 mm

Machine Dimensions

400*380*430 mm

Package Dimensions

485*465*526 mm

Machine Weight


Max. Bed Temperature


Max. Nozzle Temperature


Package Gross Weight



Sprite Direct Drive

Print Precision


Layer Thickness


Power Supply

100-120Vac 200-240Vac 50/60Hz

Nozzle Diameter

Standard 0.4mm

Nozzle Quantity

1 Piece

Supported Filaments


Filament Diameter


User Interface

4.3" Color Touch Screen

Rated Power


Resume Print


Filament Detection


Print Interface

Wi-Fi / SD Card

Intelligent Door

Yes (V1 Pro)

Built-In Live Camera

Yes (V1 Pro)

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