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Creality CR-10 Max 3D Printer | 3Ding | 3D Printers & 3D Printing Services in India
Creality CR-10 Max 3D Printer
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Creality CR-10 Max

Large Size Desktop 3D Printer

Creality CR-10 Max 3D Printer details

The most recent 3D Printers in Ceality series is the CR-10 Max, and it certainly lives up to its name. It increases the tried-and-true build volume of the original CR-10 to a massive 450 x 450 x 470 mm, with these dimensions let you increase your creative options for personal, professional, or educational use, making them ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

Creality CR-10 Max 3D Printers comes with Golden triangle for improved stability, Rapid platform heating, 100% true heating size, Imported Capricorn Teflon tubing, and Double drive for quick feeding.

Features Of CR-10 Max

Creality CR-10 Max comes with large build volume

Large Build Volume

The 450*450*470mm super-large moulding size of the CR-10 Max gives you more area to actualize your fantastic ideas. The machine has a huge building space and an ergonomic design to increase your creative potential. It transforms your ideas into magnificent reality and has a huge moulding size.

Stable Structure

To eliminate vibration on the Z axis, which leads to inaccuracies, the Printer is built with a golden triangle construction. It enables reliable operation and promotes automated levelling.

Creality CR-10 Max comes with Stable Structure

Matrix Measurement and Automatic Leveling

Worry-free result and high Print success rate are guaranteed by matrix auto leveling, a wide range of measurement points, exact induction, and dynamic levelling compensation

Creality CR-10 Max Matrix Measurement and Automatic Leveling

Dual Nozzle and Motherboard

The hot bed's electromagnetic interference is decreased by the Printer's separate power supply for the motherboard and hot bed. Two 0.4mm and 0.8mm nozzles are available to meet various needs.

Creality CR-10 Max is updated with Dual Nozzle and Motherboard

Rapid Heating-up Platform

The CR-10 Max's hardware has been improved to enable heating and Printing of models as large as the platform to actually achieve large-size Printing, Better Printing results are produced by rapid heating.

Creality CR-10 Max has Rapid Heating-up Platform

Dual output power supply

Creality CR-10 MAX 3D Printer has two wide-voltage power supplies. A synchronized power supply for quick reaction and steady operation, two power supplies for the motherboard and hotbed, and two-way output. To decrease electromagnetic interference to the motherboard when the hotbed is powered by a single power source, the CR-10 Max includes two power supplies for the motherboard and hotbed, respectively, via two-way output and split flow. 

Creality  CR-10 Max comes with Dual output power supply

Smooth Feeding

For efficient feeding and Printing, the CR-10 Max has a blue, high-temperature resistant Capricom teflon tube that is not readily obstructed. Creality CR-10 MAX 3D Printer has bond tech gear extrusion construction, multiple drive gears for a strong push, and excellent extrusion and feeding performance

Creality CR-10 Max has Smooth Feeding feature

Transmission with a Double-boost Effect

For steady transmission and printing precision, the Y-axis is built with two transmission belts and a powerful double-axis motor.

Creality  CR-10 Max Transmission with a Double-boost Effect

Resume Printing

The CR-10 Max has a power supply protection mechanism. When an unexpected power failure occurs, the system immediately resumes processing Print orders after rebooting without compromising Prints. The goal is to improve user experience.

Creality CR-10 Max has Resume Printing feature

Applications Of CR-10 Max

Creality CR-10 Max used in movies


Useful to design Weapon props.

Creality CR-10 Max used in arc


For Designing and Printing Architectural model.

Creality CR-10 Max used in industry


Used to Print different Decorative items.

Creality CR-10 Max used medicine

Medical Field

Used to design Mechanical hand.

Advantages Of CR-10 Max

CR-10 Max comes with Double screw rod-driven

Double screw rod-driven

Smooth printing and synchronized operation.

CR-10 Max comes with HD touch screen

HD touch screen

Intelligent interaction and quick actions.

CR-10 Max comes with Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design

A simple and easy aided levelling method.

CR-10 Max comes with Neat appearance, upgraded experience

Neat appearance, upgraded experience

Single-row cable that's neat for quick wiring and assembly.

CR-10 Max Compatible Materials



Creality CR-10 Max review1
Creality CR-10 Max review2
Creality CR-10 Max review3

Technical Specifications

Creality CR-10 Max technical specifications

Molding Technology

FDM(Fused Deposition Molding)

Printing size

450X450X470 mm

Printing precision


Slice thickness


Nozzle diameter

Standard 0.4mm,0.8mm

Machine size


Nozzle number


Nozzle temperature


Hotbed temperature


Working mode

TF card offline or online

File format


Slicing software

Cura, Simplify3D

Package Size


Gross Weight

24.8 Kg

Net Weight

20.0 Kg

XY axis position precision


Z-axis position precision


Power supply

Double power supply, mother board 75W,24V, input:100-240V AC, output:24V; hot bed power supply 750W,24V, input:100-240V AC, output:24V

Machine power


Printing material


Filament diameter


Control system

Windows XP/Vista/7/10 MAC Linux

What's in the box?

  • Creality CR-10 Max 3D Printer
  • Tool kit
  • Flash drive
  • Micro SD card
  • Filament sample
  • Instruction Manual
Creality CR-10 Max box contain

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