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Help me Choose a 3D Printer

Help me Choose a 3D Printer

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Big rep Pro 3D Printer
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BigRep Pro

Next Level Large Scale 3D Printer

Bigrep Pro 3D Printer is the Large Scale 3D Printer. Has Bigger build volume with a 1 cubic meter. And it is a fully enclosed 3D Printer for Industrial to producing fullscale, large size parts including functional prototypes, patterns and molds, factory tooling and end-use parts.

Bigrep Pro 3D Printer can built for productivity throughout all stages of manufacturing. The Pro intoduced to provides Manufacturers, Designers, and Engineers with an easy to use. And also has agile solution to produce faster and cheaper.

Bigrep Pro 3D Printer short details

Applications of Bigrep Pro In Industrial

Bigrep Pro 3D Printer Prints patterns and molds

Patterns and Molds

Bigrep Pro 3D Printer is used to replace high-cost patterns and molds made from expensive materials speed up design iteration, product testing, and production minimize outsourcing, external logistics, and supply chain dependence

Bigrep Pro 3D Printer prints prototypes


Bigrep Pro 3D Printer produce full-scale, functional parts from the alpha phase to zero series. And learn faster and iterate designs in hours and days, not weeks and months also avoid expensive, outsourced, and traditional slow production

Bigrep Pro 3D Printer prints end use parts

End use Parts

Bigrep Pro 3D Printer Prints from small-series production to unique parts without added costs and produce on-demand to reduce inventory and warehousing. Also reduce lead times and get to market fast to stay ahead of the competition

Bigrep Pro 3D Printer used to print tooling, jigs and fixtures

Tooling, Jigs, Fixtures

Bigrep Pro 3D Printer results customize tools for perfect fit, reduced weight, and ergonomic design. And also slash lead times with on-demand production and avoid outsourcing logistics. It reduce production and material costs of optimized tooling.

Technical Specifications

Bigrep Pro technical specifications


BigRep PRO.2

Build Volume

Up to 1020x970x985 mm (40x38x38.5 in)


Water Soluble BVOH
Other filaments upon request

Slicing Software

BigRep Blade

Layer Heights

0.3 mm, 0.6 mm
(Other layer heights supported through slicer software)


Fiber-Ready PRO ACE Extruder

Nozzle Diameters

0.6 mm, 1.0 mm

Speed and Acceleration (XY)

Max. 600 mm/s and Max. 5000 mm/s²

Achievable Part Accuracy

±0.2mm or ±0.002mm/mm (whichever is greater)*

Material Storage

2x sealed keep dry filament chambers supporting up to 8 kg spools each

Machine Size

x 1950 y 2500 z 2105 mm / x 77 y 98 z 70 inches (with tower)

Machine Weight

Approx. 1550 kg (3417 lb)


3 Phase 400V AC, PE, 16 A, 50 / 60 Hz

Safety Certifications

UL, CE, EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Compliant

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