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Bambu Lab AMS | 3Ding India | 3D Printers & 3D Printing Services in India
Bambu Lab AMS
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Bambu Lab AMS

Automatic Material System

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The Bambu Lab AMS represents an advanced system that interacts seamlessly with the toolhead, guaranteeing seamless filament feeding and automatic mid-print filament switching. It possesses the capability to detect filament tension and dynamically regulate the feeding speed. Utilizing RFID technology, the Bambu Lab AMS accurately recognizes the loaded filament and automatically adjusts the optimal print settings.

Bambu Lab AMS short details

Main Feature Of Bambu Lab AMS

Multi-Material Printing

Applicable to most materials such as PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, PC, etc.

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Bamblabs P1P 3d printer comes with Multi-color capability
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Key Features Of Bambu Lab AMS

Bambu Lab AMS Bring Multi-Color 3D Printing to Life

Bring Multi-Color 3D Printing to Life

Bambu Lab's Automatic Material System (AMS) brings to you colour, the ultimate expression of emotions. You can now print without restriction in a variety of colours and materials.

Simple Support Removal

Bambu Lab printers using AMS can use snap-away support material or dissolvable filament to reduce the pain of removing supports.

Simple Support Removal with Bambu Lab AMS

No More Filament Leftover

Without AMS, replacing the spool manually when the filament runs out causes printing to stop and wastes filaments. With AMS, switching to a new spool is seamless, maintaining uninterrupted printing and reducing waste.

Bambu Lab AMS is No More Filament Leftover

Backup for Filaments

Printing is never interrupted thanks to automatic spool switching. Never worry about running out of filament while you're sleeping or away again with the AMS filament backup function, which guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted printing process, prevents any filament waste, and encourages energy efficiency.

Bambu Lab AMS has Backup for Filaments

Superior Intelligence System

The AMS has attained unprecedented levels of intelligence thanks to a 32-bit MCU, sensor arrays, actuators, and a smart algorithm. It expertly manages filament loading and unloading, as well as fault detection and recovery.

Bambu Lab AMS with superior intelligence system

Detecting Filament Winding

AMS can detect resistance at the tool head immediately and halt printing to prevent empty printing, which could be caused by tangled filament or a stuck spool.

Bambu Lab AMS Detecting Filament Winding

Leave Wet Filaments Behind

Moisture-soaked filament can cause print quality issues, poor layer adhesion, and even nozzle clogging, which can result in a failed print.

Leave Wet Filaments Behind with Bambu Lab AMS

Maintain the Filament's Dryness

The AMS has an airtight seal and absorbs moisture with the help of dessicant material to keep moisture away from the Filament. A Humidity Sensor detects the humidity inside the AMS and alerts the user when the humidity is too high or the dessicant needs to be replaced. Dry filament is required for the best print quality.

Bambu Lab AMS Maintain the Filament's Dryness

Automatic Filament Recognition

Bambu Lab filaments employ RFID, which the AMS reads to automatically identify and apply the best settings for your material. The RFID tag is automatically synchronised with Bambu Studio.

Automatic Filament Recognition with Bambu Lab AMS

Support Up to 16 Different Colours

Each Bambu Lab AMS has four filament slots, and up to four AMS can be installed in parallel to produce stunning prints in up to 16 colours.

Bambu Lab AMS Support Up to 16 Colours

What's in the box?

Bambu Lab AMS Box Contain
  • AMS
  • PTFE Tube
  • Bus Cable - 6pin & Bus Cable - 4pin
  • Spare Filament Cutter (x2)
  • PTFE Tube Connector
  • Filament Buffer
  • Reusable Spool (x3)
  • High Temperature Reusable Spool

Technical Specifications

Bambu Lab AMS Technical Specifications

Product Size

368*283*224 mm

Package Size

445*365*320 mm

Product Weight

2.5 kg

Gross Weight

5 kg



Filament Diameter

1.75 mm

Supported Spool Size*

width: 50-68 mm, diameter: 197-202 mm

Supported Filament


Unsupported Filament*

TPE, TPU, PVA, Bambu PET-CF/ TPU 95A and other brand's filaments that contain carbon fiber or glass fiber

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