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Phrozen Wash Mega S | 3Ding India | 3D Printers & 3D Printing Services in India
Phrozen Wash Mega S
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Phrozen Wash Mega S

Solution For Cleaning Large Prints

Experience a new level of efficiency with the Phrozen Wash Mega S. Tailored to improve your workflow and boost efficiency, this 25L washing station is your ultimate solution for cleaning large 3D Printing orders. Whether it's a life-size Thanos head or a full mega-plate showcasing Maverick army designs, achieve unparalleled cleaning ease with the Wash Mega S.

Phrozen Wash Mega S details

Benefits Of Phrozen Wash Mega S

  • Clean mega-sized models or multiple smaller ones simultaneously with a generous 25L washing capacity.
  • Customize your cleaning process with dual-speed settings:
    • High speed: 300 rpm.
    • Low speed: 275 rpm.
  • Ensure easier and safer disposal of alcohol/wastewater through the built-in side valve.
  • Benefit from advanced features like double vortex and automatic reverse function, changing direction after 1 minute for consistently cleaner results.
  • Enjoy wide compatibility with additional racks, accommodating various sizes of building plates, including 15 (Mega series), 13.6, 13.3, and 12.8 inches.
Benefits of Phrozen Wash Mega S comes

Precautions With Phrozen Wash Mega S

  • When using the machine, put on safety gear such as masks, gloves, goggles, and long sleeves.
  • To be safe, turn off the electricity before replacing or cleaning with alcohol or cleaning solution.
  • Never fill the cleaning bucket with liquids other than alcohol or cleaning solution, including resins.
  • Avoid putting the substances you use in direct contact with your skin to prevent allergies.
  • Use the machine only in places that are dry, cool, and well-ventilated. Avert extended exposure of clothing, skin, and eyes to fumes.
  • Never try to take prints out of the bucket while the machine is operating.
  • Avoid hot spots and sources of ignition, such as open flames, heat sources, or sparks, due to the product's possible high alcohol or IPA solvent content. This will help prevent fires and explosions.
Precautions Of Phrozen Wash Mega S

Technical Specifications

Phrozen Wash Mega S technical specifications

Product Size

412 x 260 x 625 mm (LWH)

Inner Capacity

330 x 190 x 300 mm (LWH)

Vortex Speed

High (300 rpm)
Low (275 rpm)

Cleaning Method

Dual-speed double vortex

Washing Capacity


Supported Building Plate

15 (Mega series),
13.6 13.3 and 12.8/span

Input Voltage



8 kg

Timer Settings

10 min

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