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of Engineering Jobs Now Require 3-D Printing Skills" - IEEE


A comprehensive one day workshop which highlights the key features of 3D printing and introduces you to a Trillion Dollar Industry.

3D Scanning

3D Scanning

Learn how 3D Scanning works; Watch Live demo of 3D Scanning, Understand where to use free-form scanning vs turn table scanning; Know what’s reverse Engineering;
How full body scanning works; How to 3D Scan using just a mobile.

3D Design

Get introduced to CAD in 3D; Hands-on session on using Sketchup - Basic Geometrical shapes & a customized mini project; Demos of TinkerCAD,
OpenSCAD, How to design by coding, What tools to use for which industry; etc.
3D Scanning
3D Scanning


How to 3D Print a CAD Design; What file formats are supported; How does an STL look like; How does a GCODE look like; How to configure a high
quality 3D Print vs a fast 3D Print; What settings affect the strength & weight of a 3D Print. How to 3D Print in two colors or two materials.

3D Printers

Various Types of 3D Printers; Live Demo of FDM; Video Demos of others; Which 3D Printer suits which industry;
Commercial & Technical aspects of various 3D Printers; Material compatibility of each type.
3D Scanning
3D Scanning

Post Processing

Learn about Support Removal, Chemical Treatments, Painting Options etc after the 3D Print is done.


30 minutes

Introduction to 3D Printing

General Introduction and various techniques

75 minutes

Applications of 3D Printing

The wide-spread applications of 3D Printing in various industries/fields.

30 minutes

3D Scanning

How 3D Scanning works, Available 3D Scanners, How to 3D Scan using a mobile phone, possibilities, and applications of 3D Scanning

75 minutes

Computer Aided Design

Get introduced to CAD, installation,overview of some CAD modeling tools, Designing 3D models with different softwares, 3D Designing using coding, etc.

75 minutes

3D Slicing

Parameters involved in 3D Printing, visualizing Gcode,Simulating output etc.,

60 minutes

3D Printing

3D Printing Technology, Participant's designs Random interesting objects

Till End

Trends and Future of 3D Printing

Possibilities and Present biggest thing in 3D Printing, more commercial and technical aspects, Q&A, etc

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Organized across Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Coimbatore & Cochin



Including School kids, College Students, Designers, Architects, Doctors, Engineers & Entrepreneurs



Including Engineering, Arts, Fashion, Architecture & Corporates have explored 3D Printing through these sessions


Check out What our previous attendees have to say...

"I could learn many other designing software which are much more compatible for 3D printing and also about vast areas where research can be done. "
- Namratha G R, Mumbai

"The way Mr.Shaan was able to adequately touch on all relevant points, while keeping everyone interested made this event a success."

- Supraja Dasi , Cochin

"Presentation as Mr.Shaan gave was excellent and interacting with persons is super excellent."

- Shashikumar.R, Chennai


What will I gain by attending this 3D Printing Workshop ?
Think about 3D Printing today as something like Computers 20 years ago. What did someone gain by learning computers 20 years ago?

That said, you gain a high level overview about the Industry & the process flow involved in 3D Printing. This info might be critical probably to plan your career, probably to accelerate the process in your workplace, or probably in starting up a business. Learning it today could make you a pioneer in the industry.
I run a business, will it be useful for it? If yes, how ?
Depends on what your business is. We believe you’ve come across facts about 3D Printing disrupting certain areas of your industry. This 3D Printing Workshop would be a great place to understand those and give you deeper insights.
I want to start a business in 3D Printing. How will you help? (or) What businesses can I start in 3D Printing? (or) How do I make money with 3D Printing?
Great. This is a perfect time to start looking into new business lines in 3D Printing.

We will be discussing how 3D Printing is being used around the world; That could definitely accelerate your thought process. With years of our research presented to you in a day, it might be a great place for you to evaluate your business ideas.

If you have some specific new idea in mind, we could definitely discuss & evaluate it during or post the event.
Who can attend this workshop ?
Anyone, literally. The previous times we had organized this workshop, we had mixed groups. Doctors who wanted to 3D print models of organs and study them before surgeries; mechanical engineers who wanted to prototype parts before production;graphic designers; fashion designers to explore the possibility of customization in the fashion industry; hobbyists, enthusiasts,makers to make their own custom stuff for their robotic projects; Entrepreneurs & businessmen who wanted to explore 3D printing as a potential business; College students to learn about the technology and even school students.
Do I need some prior knowledge ?
Not Really. This workshop is for anyone willing to Explore 3D Printing.
What should I bring ?
A laptop for hands-on session in 3D Design, a Mouse - makes designing in 3D easier; and an open mind to learn.
Do I get a certificate ?
Yes. Certificates are digital and will be mailed to you after the session.

If you have any further queries, you could drop a mail to [email protected]

or call 044-33011075 and choose extension 5.

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