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Step into industry 4.0 | 3D Printing Kickstarter Workshop.

Step into
Industry 4.0!

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3D Printing Kickstarter Workshop

1 Week Online Live + Recorded

A Technology that impacts every Industry which has
Tangible Items.











24% CAGR

As of 2021, Additive Manufacturing forms only 0.17% of the Global Manufacturing Market, but the market size of AM has been compounding steadily at an average of 24% every year for the last 30 Years, proving that there is massive room for growth & hence, a huge wealth creation opportunity.

FYI, Global Economy compounds only at ~3% annually.

Meet Your Host

Surendranath Reddy CEO 3Ding

Surendranath Reddy

CEO & CTO, 3Ding

A Hardware Technologist at heart, Suren has worked first-hand on Industry 4.0 Technologies like Robotics, IoT, 3D Printing, Web3 & more.

Suren passionately believes that sharing knowledge accelerates evolution & hence, has been teaching technology throughout his entire career, personally impacting over 2 Lakh people.

Suren has also given 100+ Talks at various conferences including TEDx, Ignite, Google, Mozilla & Null Events.

Surendranath Reddy TED TEDx Sairam
Surendranath Reddy IIT Madras
Surendranath Reddy Google
Surendranath Reddy TED TEDx Sairam
Surendranath Reddy IIT Madras
Surendranath Reddy Google

Content Built & Improved Over 10 Years...

A Comprehensive Workshop covering exactly what's needed to Get Started with 3D Printing. We've done this hundreds of times & this is the best curated content on 3D Printing you could find anywhere, Free or Paid. Period!

A Mix of Self-Paced (Pre-Recorded Content to watch & practice at your own pace)
& Live Sessions (Interactive Online Sessions for the latest special content & Queries).


Kicking off with an overview of 3D Printing, a few 3D Printing Stories & uses cases from around the earth (& even outside 😉), ending with an intro to the technical process flow.

Takeaway: The knowledge on when to use 3D Printing vs when not to.


To Manufacture something, it has to be first drafted digitally in 3D. Learn about both the ways (3D Scanning & Computer Aided Design) to prepare a file in 3D.

Takeaway: Practical hands-on experience on digitizing a physical object & creating Personalized Deisgns.


Sliced Onions? It's the same, but on your 3D design that you created, to create layers, so that your machine can read & process them.

Takeaway: How to configure your computer to work with any 3D Printer & material in the market.


Understand Various Technologies in 3D Printing; from Desktop Thermoplastic machines to Space Grade Metal 3D Printers.

Takeaway: The knowledege on when to choose which type of 3D Printing or the material.


Let's be honest: The Tech is Easy. Understanding the Market is the key to crack Growth. This Special Live session summarises the latest Market Reports (both Global & Indian), lists a few business/career options & the grand vision around how 3D Printing would merge with other Industry 4.0 technologies for a connected future.

Takeaway: Forget Takeaways. This session is Pure Gold.

80,000+ Engineers, Manufacturers, Product Designers, Students, Enterpreuners, Doctors from various sectors have attended the
3D Printing Kickstarter Workshop.

Rated 4.9/5,

the highest of any training sessions ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a combination of both live & recorded.

The core modules are recorded ones which you can watch at your own pace, pause & try them out; & will be given long term access to, whereas the live sessions are packed with value-adds & interactive Q&A with the host.

Think about 3D Printing today as something like Computers 20 years ago. What did someone gain by learning computers 20 years ago?

That said, you gain a high level overview about the Industry & the process flow involved in 3D Printing. This info might be critical probably to plan your career, probably to accelerate the process in your workplace, or probably in starting up a business. Learning it today could make you a pioneer in the industry.

Also, if you missed out on the previous industrial revolution, it wasn't your fault, but if you miss being a part of Industry 4.0 after reading this, don't say we didn't warn you. *wink wink*

Depends on what your business is. We believe you're here because you’ve come across facts about 3D Printing disrupting certain areas of your industry. This 3D Printing Workshop would be a great place to understand those and give you deeper insights.

Afterall, even if 3D Printing won't make sense for your business, it'll still help you give you an absolute clarity & not waste further time exploring around.

Not Really. This workshop is for anyone willing to Explore 3D Printing.

  • Great. This is a perfect time to start looking into new business lines in 3D Printing.
  • We will be discussing how 3D Printing is being used around the world; That could definitely accelerate your thought process. With years of our research presented to you in a day, it might be a great place for you to evaluate your business ideas.
  • If you have some specific new idea in mind, we could definitely discuss & evaluate it during or post the event.

Anyone, literally. The previous times we had organized this workshop, we had mixed groups. Doctors who wanted to 3D print models of organs and study them before surgeries; mechanical engineers who wanted to prototype parts before production;graphic designers; fashion designers to explore the possibility of customization in the fashion industry; hobbyists, enthusiasts,makers to make their own custom stuff for their robotic projects; Entrepreneurs & businessmen who wanted to explore 3D printing as a potential business; College students to learn about the technology and even school students.

We've had kids as young as 10 & gentlemen as wise as in the 80s. Remember, we all are "Students for Life"

Links to attend the session would be sent to your registered email id after 12 noon on the day of the session. We'll also send you a reminder just in case you missed it one hour ahead of the session. We appreciate your patience.

For any further support, please drop an email to [email protected]

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