Top 6 Indian Industries taking advantage of 3D Printing

For the past couple of years, major industries and businesses all around the world has started to use 3D printing in their process for the better. From education to manufacturing, the technology has started to disrupt various fields directly or indirectly.

This holds true for the Indian Market too. A recent survey described the growth of 3D Printing adoption by major industries in India. And here is the result,

1. Electronics

Creating customized casings for circuit boards and other equipments. With the advent of IoT, Raspberry Pi and Arduino, there has been a high demand for printing casings for these boards.

Product designers in the consumer electronics space are elated to use the technology for helping them create better designs. Apart from this major usecase, the electronics industry is highly experimenting to 3D Print electronic circuit boards itself using multiple extruders and conductive inks.

2. Automotive

The major adopter of 3D Printing is not quite aggressive in the Indian market when compared to its foreign fellows. But the adoption is definitely moving in the right way. Several companies like Nissan, Mahindra are heavily experimenting 3D Printing in their production and prototyping processes.

Rapid in house prototyping, producing spares for outdated vehicles and material experimentation takes up the major chunk of applications used by the industry.

3. Medical

The technology,  as versatile as it is, has become a dream come true to the medical community. 3D Printing prosthetics, dental implants, surgical guides has made their treatments more affordable and less complicated.

Recently, Indian Doctors at Gurugram’s Medanta implanted a 3D Printed vertebrae in a woman - only third of the kind surgery in the world.

3D Printed dental aligners has also proved to be a popular alternative for metal teeth braces and is widely being adopted all over India.

Even though the automotive industry is the largest adopter of 3D Printing in the world right now, the medical industry is showing much promise that it can easily get ahead of the curve soon. With the likes of 3D Printed organs, Bio printing and a tonne of other innovations, 3D Printing proves to be more resourceful in the Medical community.

4. Architecture

Architects have a knack for designing ambitious and complex yet artistic structures which is comprehended by others with a miniature model. Creating complex miniature models fits right inside the 3D Printing forte.

Color Jet Printing — one of the popular 3D Printing technology used majorly for this application gets the job done in a spectacular fashion. The quality and the intricacy produced by 3D Printing is way better than any other conventional methods like laser cutting.

5. Aerospace

The Aerospace industry all over the world is deeply impacted by 3D Printing from prototyping to producing jet engines.

In India, Aerospace industries widely use the technology for demonstrating and experimenting new flight designs and building prototypes. In India, companies like GKN Aerospace are one of the major adopters of the technology.

6. Education

Even though 3D Printing is at a nascent stage in the education industry, many universities and schools are now starting to set up labs to impart knowledge about 3D Printing.

Researchers and students are using 3D Printing for creating custom parts and structures for their projects and experiments. Private institutes and organizations are also coming up with various 3D Printing courses and workshops to create awareness about the technology.