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3D Printing vs Covid 19

Face Shields / Visors

3D Printed Face Shield

3Ding has printed 1000+ 3D Printed face shields for COVID-19 frontliners, It helps them to provide secondary protection when used with a primary piece of personal protective equipment (PPE). It stop bodily fluids and droplets, whether from a patient’s cough or a medical event such as a birth, from reaching the wearer’s eyes, nose, or mouth..

Ventilator Splits

3D Printed Face Shield

3D Printed Ventilator splitter enables multiple patients to be ventilated with the one intensive care ventilator..

3D Printed surgical Mask Strap


3D Printed surgical mask strap are used for masks with longer straps, they may not fit over the ears, With this strap holder design, the straps are fully adjustable to get a custom fit on a wearer.

3D Printed touchless elbow handle


The 3D Printed touchless elbow handle is designed to prevent as much as possible contamination on public or shared doors. You can open, drag or push the door using your arm and/or your elbow.

3D Printed COVID-19 Mask


This 3D Printed CoVid-19 maskes creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the environment.