Webinar | 3Ding


Why Manufacturers are implementing
3D Printing heavily in their process cycle?

date 2 May 2019
time 3PM - 4PM


Webinar hosted By:

calenderM. Shanmuganathan - 3Ding Spokesperson

Why attend?

By participating in this webinar, you’ll learn

  • How popular (Automobile) companies have cut down their prototyping costs by 100X?
  • How and where to incorporate 3D Printing in your process?
  • How 3D Printing enabled Rapid Prototyping and helped companies reduce their R&D resources?
  • Why is there a big buzz about the term 3D Printing and how will it foster for the 4th Industrial revolution?
  • Why 3D Printing is evolving into a trillion dollar industry?

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About the Speaker:

Shaan has a vast experience of 3D Printing and has been a vocal proponent of 3D Printing in India.

He has created awareness of 3D Printing across India by providing exclusive trainings for many manufacturing and automotive companies like TVS, Bosch, Mahindra and more.

He also has experience of conducting 100+ 3D Printing workshops across the country and has seen how 3D Printing is revolutionizing the manufacturing and automotive industry.