Can An FDM Printer Print Metal Objects?

Can An FDM Printer Print Metal Objects?

In this blog, you will get to know about the ways how to 3D print metal parts and what metal to print with.

How to Three-Dimensional Print with Metal

When it comes to 3D printing metal parts, there are multiple ways. All these come under technology categories depending on whether you are printing with metal wire, metal filament, or metal powder.

When it comes to materials, there are metal rods, metal-infused resins, and metal pellets. All these materials are producing parts with diverse attributes.

Choosing the right metal technology to use is a balance of requirements. Not only this, but also consider the significance of shape and detail, strength, cost, volume, strength, printing speed, and metal type.

All the technologies have advantages and disadvantages based on all these considerations. However, no 3D print methods print super-strong parts perfectly, quickly, and cheaply.

Metal 3D Printing Methods

The methods of metal 3D printing are:

SLM/PBF (Selective Laser Melting/Powder Bed Fusion with Laser)

3D printers, which make use of high-powered lasers to selectively melt a metal powder make up the majority of metal 3D printers. This is often known as powder bed fusion and selective laser melting with printer-specific terms. In this technology, the melted parts fuse together on successive layers on a molecular basis until the homogenous model is over.

FDM/Extrusion (Fused Deposition Modeling with Metal Filament)

FDM makes use of filament, which is made up of a plastic base with metal particles infused evenly in it. Metal filaments that are used for metal parts should include around 80% of metal powder and undergo the post-processing stages to eliminate the plastic component and shrink the metal part.

Apart from this, another technology uses are what essentially filaments with metal powder in higher concentration. It is a solid rod of metal but it can be extruded and heated.

EBM/PBF (Electron Beam Melting or Powder Bed Fusion with Electron Beam)

Electron beam melting or EBM is a 3D printing technology, which makes use of an electron beam as an energy source. It is used mainly with conductive metals.

When it comes to EBM 3D printers, it contains an energy source, which is capable to emit the electron beam, a powder feeder, a heated build platform, a powder container, and a powder re-coater.

Electron beam melting can be faster as compared to SLM because of the higher power of electron beam energy, as well as product parts with less residual stress.

Final Thoughts

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