3 Important Technologies Used In 3D Printing Machines

3 Important Technologies Used In 3D Printing Machines

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process, which includes the production of tangible objects through a digital file. The additive manufacturing method is the process of production of solid items by adding consecutive layers of the material until the production of the object is done.

Every added layer is a sheet of material that takes the shape as per the requirements of the designer.
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3D printers make use of different types of technologies to understand their objects. The diverse types of technologies are:

Stereolithography (SLA)

SLA method is the same as the photopolymerization method in which the solids are produced from liquids. This technology includes using a vat liquid ultraviolet curable photopolymer resin and an ultraviolet laser to create an object’s consecutive layers.
For producing a layer, the laser beam chooses a design’s cross-section on the liquid resin’s surface and exposes it to ultraviolet light resulting in curing and solidifying it, prior to adding it to the preceding layer.

Fused Deposit Modeling (FDM)

FDM technology contains the use of a plastic filament or metal wire unwound from a coil. Moreover, it is used for supplying the required material to an extrusion nozzle, which can turn the flow on or off. The extrusion nozzle will get heated for melting the input material. It also has the capability to move vertically or horizontally based on the instructions that you get from a CAM software package.
As the heated material gets extruded through the nozzle to form consecutive layers, it hardens resulting in sticking to the layer produced previously.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

This technology uses a strong laser to fuse tiny particles of the preferred materials together. The materials include ceramic, glass, metals, and plastic. These materials are fed to the printer in the form of powder which fuses them by sintering the layers which are generated by the 3D modeled program.
Once the sintering of the layer is over, the powder bed adds a layer of thickness to the object being produced to continue in the process. The process gets repeated again and again until the entire object gets finished.
When it comes to the SLS method, excess powders in the object’s production can be recycled and used for other production.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you’re clear with the 3 important technologies, which are used in 3D printers. However, if you have any doubts or need any clarification on this, get in touch with us.
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