FabX Plus
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Designed Exclusively for Atal Tinkering Labs

Launchpad for the Next Generation

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Heated bed for Adhesion
Printing Temp
Precise and Accurate

Filament Supported
Wide range of Materials

180*180*180 mm

Printing Temp
Print Non-toxic biodegradable materials

Printing Temp
Children Friendly - 10+; Easy To use


FabX Plus

3D printing has revolutionized the manufacturing industry just as how semiconductors have to computing. The ability to take an idea and convert it into a working product in just a few days has become a blessing for today's digital innovators. We see young students today as the innovators of tomorrow, and by putting this technology in their hands we hope to nurture the future Inventors !


FabX Plus
3D printing has the ability to produce shapes that are as complex as our imagination. Artists should never be hindered by their tools and with unlimited possibilities and complexities there are no constraints for their creations.


FabX Plus
Build. Test.Break. Repeat.
This is the mantra Top Engineers follow to make world class products. 3D printing has the ability to build prototypes in a matter of few hours. Most research facilities today are dependent on 3d printers to build innovative products


FabX Plus
Practise makes perfect !! - Surgeons today use 3D printed organs to practise before performing a surgery on a human body, this has drastically decreased mortality rates and gives more confidence to the surgeons. Researchers are now working on 3D Printing fully functional organs that can one day be used as a transplant organ.


FabX Plus
Hills and valleys - Oceans and mountains, how can these colossal structures be represented in a compact scale?. They can be 3D printed ofcourse! The earth’s topography can be 3D printed for better visualization and understanding


FabX Plus
Building perfect replicas of some of the worlds greatest artifacts has always been a challenge.3D printing has the ability to recreate any shape or object, this is a perfect tool for Archaeologists who need to present replicas of their findings..

Future is now ready with FABX ATL

3D printing is one of the fastest growing technologies today and there are new applications being discovered frequently. Students who gain an in depth knowledge today, will be the top innovators of tomorrow
FabX Plus

Available in 2 Packages

Available in 2 Packages

Standalone 3D Printer Package

  • FabX ATL Edition 3D Printer
  • 5 Kg PLA
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Rs. 89,999/-

Standalone 3D Printer Package

  • FabX ATL Edition 3D Printer
  • 5 Kg PLA
  • UPS * 1
  • Filament Storage Box * 5
  • Rubber Bands * xyz
  • Popsicle Sticks * xyz
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Onsite Training & Installation
  • Rs. 99,999/-

Technical Specifications

Built in Compliance with ATL recommended Spec

Build Volume

Nozzle Dia

Slicing Software

LCD Screen

Material Compatibility


Repair Kit

ATL Recommended Spec

160*160*160 cu mm

0.3 to 0.4 mm

Free/Open Source

Displays Print Metrics

PLA, ABS, Derivatives of PLA, Ninjaflex

Anti Bacterial/Fungal Cover

Spare Springs, Screws, Keys, Tweezers, etc

FABX ATL Edition Spec

180*180*180 cu mm

0.4 mm

Cura (Free & Open Source)

Displays Print Metrics & a smart UI

PLA, ABS, PET G, Ninjaflex, TPE, TPU, Derivatives of PLA (PLA+, Silk PLA, Aluminium, Brass, Gold, Bronze, Copper, etc.

Anti bacterial/fungal Hard Reinforced Fiber

Basic kit required containing Spare Springs, Screws, Keys, Tweezers, extra Build Surface etcc