What is PolyJet in 3D Printing?

What is PolyJet in 3D Printing?

PolyJet is an amazing 3D printing technology, which creates smooth, accurate parts, tooling, and prototype. It can produce complicated geometries and thin walls using a wide array of materials accessible with any technology. This is because it has microscopic layer resolution and accuracy down to 0.014mm.

Capabilities and Guidelines of PolyJet Design

The capabilities and guidelines help in enhancing cosmetic appearance, improving part manufacturability, as well as reducing the overall time required for production.

US Metric
Maximum Part Size 19.3 in. x 15.4 in. x 7.9 in. 490mm x 390mm x 200mm
Layer Thickness 0.00118 in. 30 microns
Minimum Feature Size 0.012 in. 0.3mm
Minimum Freestanding Wall, Hole, or Channel Size 0.030 in. 0.76mm

Benefits of PolyJet

  • Produces detailed and smooth prototypes, which convey final-product aesthetics.
  • Creates accurate jigs, molds, fixtures, and several other tools used for manufacturing.
  • It helps you attain intricate details, complicated shapes, and delicate features.
  • It integrates various materials and colors into a single model for outstanding efficiency.

How PolyJet 3D Printing Function?

The process starts with spraying tiny droplets of liquid photopolymers in the form of layers. After that, 3D pixels called Voxels are placed during the development process that allows for the blend of flexible and stiff photopolymers called digital polymers.

Every voxel has a vertical thickness, which is equivalent to the layer thickness of thirty microns. The layers of digital materials gather on the build platform for creating 3D-printed parts with supreme accuracy.

Each part of PolyJet is coated in support material during the development, which is removed with the help of a hand by making use of a pressurized water stream and a chemical solution bath.

Once the manufacturing process is finished, no post-curing is needed.

Usage of PolyJet

Several industries have recognized the potential benefits of PolyJet and as a result, they implemented it to improve the workflow and save precious money.

PolyJet can produce detailed parts quickly and is best for creating realistic prototypes.

Moreover, this technology has the capability to 3D print with diverse materials at once. This, in turn, allows for complicated geometries.

Apart from this, modern clinics use PolyJet to create 3D-printed molds of mouth based on the previous scan. PolyJet technology makes this entire process faster and more accurate than before.


PolyJet is a 3D printing technology, which builds parts by jetting several droplets of photopolymers onto a build platform.

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