What Software can be used for 3D Printer?

What Software can be used for 3D Printer?

3D printing is an amazing process to convert designs to realistic ones. However, for better use of 3D printing, appropriate software, and file format is required.

Here in this blog, you will get to know about the compatible software used for 3D printers.

Parametric Modeling

This approach depends on the model and its dimensions of geometry. The shapes are edited or modified constantly over a sequence of steps. This will result in creating a history affecting the outcome of the 3D model.
Here are some of the parametric modelling-based CAD options:
• Tinkercad
• Freecad

Direct Modeling

It is directly opposite to parametric modelling. The direct modelling approach doesn’t depend on strict geometry or dimensioning to modify your model.
Here are some of the direct modeling-based CAD options:
• Blender
• Zbrushcoremini

STL Repair

Sometimes you might get into the 3D printable mesh file with some errors, which trip up your 3D printer or slicing software. In this case, you require mesh repair software to solve the file.
Tools such as SketchUp, Fusion360, FreeCAD, and Blender contain mesh tools. However, if these tools don’t suitable for your requirements, then there are some other repair programs.

It includes:
• Netfabb
• Meshmixer

FDM Slicers

Slicer software can make the 3D model comprehensible to your 3D printer. It converts STL to G-code and showcases the path of the print from scratch to the end.
When it comes to 3D slicers, some are offered by 3D printer manufacturers and others are managed by the open-source community.

Some best FDM slicers to start with are:
• Ultimaker Cura
• Prusaslicer

Remote Print Control

If you’re doing several heavy 3D printings, then you might require certain print management software. The software will control your 3D printers and manage the print sessions. This software includes in-built 3D printer control and monitoring, slicing files, and releasing print in one platform. It streamlines the entire 3D printing process.
Here are the popular print management tools:
• Octoprint
• Printrun


Knowing the proper 3D printer software helps you do the 3D printing process easily. If you have any queries on the above-given info, contact Our 3D Printing in Chennai experts.

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