What Files Does A 3d Printer Use?

what Files Dose 3d Printer Use

A 3D printer is a device used for creating three-dimensional objects by laying down layer by layer of materials until the entire process gets completed. It uses metal, plastic, or ceramic materials.

A 3D printer supports the STL format files, a standard file format used for 3D printing. STL stands for Stereo Lithography and these files consist of the 3D model which is showcased as a mesh of triangles. This 3D model is used to develop a physical object as it represents a 3D model’s surface. With this, the printer develops the object layer by layer depending on this representation.

Along with this, OBJ (Object) file format is also compatible with 3D printing. OBJ file format is similar to STL but it consists of additional data such as GCODE, vertex colors, and texture maps.

GCODE is a machine-readable file, which contains certain guidelines for the printer to create the object.
Apart from this, some 3D printers are compatible with AMF (Additive Manufacturing File) file format. AMF file format is the more advanced format and it contains more details about the material and structure of the object being printed.

Additionally, there are several other 3D printers, which support proprietary file formats developed by the printer’s manufacturer. Thus, always check the printer manual to find out compatible file formats.

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