How 3D Printing can be used for Gifting?

How 3D Printing can be used for Gifting?

This post will examine many types of presents, showcasing our vast collections of printable models and pointing out certain particularly neat cases. You may always check out all the available articles in our Printables area if you’re still stuck for inspiration.


Despite the fact that jewellery is a go-to present for each event, the uniqueness of items created with 3D printing means that you may give your loved ones something really special. For jewellery like earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, you may find hundreds of free templates online. To finish off your present, you need just search for a style that complements the recipient’s character or sense of style.

Kit Card

Kit cards are self-assembly models or toys that come on plastic cards. Anyone who has ever participated in a model-building group has encountered kit cards. One of the main draws of kit card games is the challenge of assembling the models and the resulting sense of accomplishment.

Puzzle box

You can’t beat a good puzzle, but what if you could also use it to conceal some cash? That’s the thinking behind “puzzle boxes,” or containers with tricky locks and other mechanisms. This is a cheap and simple present, but it may be used to hold money or other tiny items.

Phone Stand

As a present, a phone stand is probably one that won’t be remembered for long. You may avoid that fate by 3D printing a phone stand so wickedly amazing that your friends and family will be envious.


For the purposes of 3D printing, toys are a rather wide category. Figurines and miniatures, even something as basic as a Benchy, may be considered toys by some. The unique features of 3D printers will be highlighted, however, as we concentrate on the kind of toys that both young children and adults would enjoy playing with.

Board Games

While electronic games are becoming more popular, nothing beats the classic appeal of board games. The beautiful thing about board games is that the whole game can be 3D printed, not just the accessories. You can probably find a free 3D printable design for just about every board game out there. Let’s start with the simplest item first: there are chess pieces in the shapes of Egyptian gods, Harry Potter symbols, and musical notes, complete with a piano box.


All you need is a 3D printer, some PLA filament, some imagination, and a little bit of time and patience to create some really wonderful and unexpected presents. One of the greatest advantages of having a 3D printer is the ability to create unique presents for loved ones during Christmas.

Our last piece of advice is to start early if you want to send 3D printed presents as Christmas or birthday presents. Frustrating setbacks and restarts are commonplace in the 3D printing process or contact 3D Printing Services in Chennai to learn how we can help you.

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