About us

We at 3Ding are working in Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing) space in India and involved primarily in the manufacturing of 3D printers. 3Ding, an entity from ReddX Technologies is revolutionizing the 3D printing industry by its varied set of 3D printers, incomparable 3D printing services and helps in leaping into the future horizontally by taking the research and development in the same field to its peak.

3Ding's founding company, ReddX Technologies is at a raging speed to take a leap into tomorrow by its Research and Development activities which form the backbone of 3Ding's achievements. 3Ding holds the privilege of being young, vibrant and widespread in the printing industry. 3Ding stands to be the largest manufacturer of 3D printers in India. With over 1000+ printers sold, it keeps expanding and developing the customer base. 3Ding evolves by the day and its mainly because of its team of engineers. 3Ding never ceases to amuse people by its timeline achievements. 3Ding has set far goals for the 3D print industry that has come to a faster pace with new technology rising by every dawn. 3Ding unleashes game changing revolutionary technology that is setting up a new benchmark in the third industrial revolution.